What Is Compromise

Produced by the Maslool Tel Aviv, Performed at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, June 2019


Concept, Directing and Design:  Saar Magal 

Choreography:  A collective work of Saar Magal and the Performers 

Performers:  Yarden bareket, Ofri Agmon, Tamir Golan, Maor Alfasi, Mika Lavi, Amit Zaretsky, Uri Zilbershtein, Ziv Besor, Roni Milatin, Shira Turkenich, Naomi Kats, Naomi Turnpu, Amit Palgi, Yael Wachman, Gil Elgrabli, Noa Hulday

Rehearsal Manager:  Lotem Regev

Set and Costume Design:  A collective work of Saar Magal, Omri Albo and the Performers

Music:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Swamp Sounds at Night from YouTube 

Text:  From an interview with Eartha Kitt

Photos:  Efrat Mazor

The piece explores the potential development of love, eroticism and human relationships in a future shaped by the influence of new technologies, post-humanism and the Anthropocene Era.

Created as research and development for Futurity Episode 3, which will be produced in Jerusalem with Hazira and the Israel Festival sometime in 2021 (the June 2020 premiere was postponed due to the Corona crises). 

Performed by the dancers of the Maslool - professional dance program in Tel Aviv at Tmua Theater and the Suzanne Dellal Center.